Monday, April 12, 2010

Stop The Hate Rally

My experience within the "Stop The Hate Rally" was ultimately outstanding. To see all kinds of people come out to support just made it all the better. Just about every person that was there was basically jumping with joy. From seeing everyone dance to "Country Roads" to the hilarious signs that the supporters were holding made a smile come on my face. Also just about every vehicle that went by would honk their horns to show how they cared. Just seeing the smile's on every face made me realize why I like it here. This place is not just home to me, it's a comfort zone that will always be apart of me. West Virginia isn't a bad place to be, just like every state we have few problems but we have just shown that we can all come together in a time of crisis. Everyone has been concentrating on the hate they have for the protesters that came from Kansas, but i think we need to focus on not letting them get what they want out of us. If we wouldn't have shown that we give a hoot of what they think of us that would give them more of a reason to leave. Since they got a reaction out of us that convinces then to stay even longer than needed. All in all I am so proud of the people of West Virginia, because we are all family in heart and we will always be there for one another. We are all West Virginians and I am proud to be apart of the wild and wonderful.


  1. Chad,

    I think that you are right. I was there, as were most people, not to protest against a hate group. That would give them some sort of reactive power, but rather I was there to celebrate in diversity and uniqueness. It felt good to be a part of something so fun!
    Thanks for posting!

  2. I completely agree Chez. Thank you for asking me to post, and your welcome!

  3. Great post! Thank you for posting, and for standing up for diversity!!